Rental options and applications

MiniSkip  We are an Owner Operator Rubble removal business that provides a "Drop and Collect" service to domestic and commercial clients. Garden, Household or Industrial Waste, NO PROBLEM! We will get rid of your rubble! Because of

Our Miniskips can be used for building rubble removal . This includes bricks, sand, plastic and general building site rubble. Our miniskips are durable yet affordable.

Domestic Skip Hire

- Skips for Office Refurbishments - Skips for Office Rubble Disposal -Skips for Office Packaging Waste e.g cardboard, plastics - Skips for Shows, Events, Galas Why choose MiniSkip for Commercial skip hire: - Fast and efficient - Reliable s

- Skips for Bricks, Rubble, Concrete and Stone Wastes - Skips for Top Soil, Sand and Gravel - Skips for Scrap Metal, such as Aluminium, Steel, Iron - Skips for Plastics such as Piping, Sheets, Containers - Skips for Wood and Timber - S
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  • Rental options and applications