We offer Miniskip rentals everywhere in Pretoria.  We drop off our skip, you fill it with Garden, Household, Mixed or Building Rubble, and as soon as you're done, we collect.  We rent out our Miniskips on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

You let us know the bin is full and within 24 hours that rubbish will be out of your life.

We drop, You fill, We collect! Test run


               The capacity of the MiniSkip is 2m³.

This concept is used all over Europe due to it being smaller, cheaper and a lot more versatile. 2m3 is about 2 filled-up single cab hilux bakkies or 100 wheelbarrows.

Daily, weekly or monthly rates on a "Drop and Collect" basis.

Currently we concentrate our services in Pretoria and the south of Johannesburg, but keep watching this space for new areas.

If you are completing a DIY or refurbishment project at home and only need to dispose of a small amount of building rubble or garden waste our Miniskip is the solution.  The Miniskip is designed to provide a waste management solution where there is limited space. Due to the ability to drop the Miniskip right next to the rubbish and our excellent service you save time and thus money.


The Miniskip can accommodate any general waste and is great for landscaping projects, garden remodeling, house remodeling, redecorating, construction sites, parties and catering functions.

All waste from these projects can be disposed of with ease of mind and space in one of our Miniskips without spending a fortune or your time going to dump it yourself.

 We drop, You fill, We collect. 


Contact us today on 074 100 5866 or hannes@miniskip and we guarantee delivery by tomorrow.

Daily, weekly or monthly rates!

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